From Tuesday To Tuesday

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From Tuesday To Tuesday


    Friday 5 October 18:00
    Sunday 7 October 12:15


90 mins

Director: Gustavo Fernandez Trivino Country: Argentina
Writer: Gustavo Fernandez Trivino Original Format: Digital 2k
Dir. of Photography: Julian Apezteguia Print Source: Óscar Alonso
Producer: Gabriel Pastore
Cast: Alejandro Awada, Pablo Pinto, Malena Sanchez

UK Premiere
Nominated Best International Feature

Tuesday to Tuesday documents a week in the life of Juan Benitez, a body-builder and factory worker who moon-lights as a bouncer and harbours dreams of opening his own gym. But on his meagre paycheque he can barely support his wife and young daughter, let alone raise the cash necessary to start a business.

For a while we follow Juan in his day-to-day life, the film boasting a striking level of realism, shot in a handheld verite style reminiscent of Darren Aronofsky. When Juan witnesses a horrific crime his mundane routine is disrupted and what started out as a low-key drama diverts into thriller territory as he hatches a scheme to solve his financial woes, seemingly throwing all ethical concerns to the wind.

This is a slick and sophisticated film which starts off slow but delivers a taught and suspenseful narrative. Expertly paced, the shifts in tone are handled well, bolstered by solid performances across the board. Particularly powerful is the portrayal of Juan himself, intense and physically imposing but stoic and quite throughout. This air of mystery plays into the interesting narrative choice to keep the audience one step behind the protagonist right up to a tense finale and perfectly pitched, wholly satisfying dénouement.       

Sami El-Hadi

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