Loveless Zoritsa

Film Title:

Loveless Zoritsa


    Friday 28 September 17:45
    Monday 1 October 15:15


80 mins

Director: Radoslav Pavkovic, Christina Hadjicharalambous Country: Serbia/Poland/Cyprus/Greece
Writer: Goran Mojsin, Christina Hadjicharalambous Original Format: RED ONE
Dir. of Photography: Vladan Jankovic Print Source: Radoslav Pavkovic
Producer: Radoslav Pavkovic, Marta Laryssa Plucinska, Pawel Plucinski, Panos Karabinis, Panagiotis Kalakos
Cast: Branislav Trifunovic, Ljuma Penov, Mirijana Karanovic

International Premiere

Ever since Zoritsa was born moustacheless into her family of moustached females, there has been a curse on her. Any man that is unlucky enough to fall in love with her (and there are many, as the beautiful woman attracts men like honey flies) is doomed to suffer a terrible fate. Those that don’t end up dead, lie in a permanent coma with zero hope for recovery. But it’s not an easy life for Zoritsa either: hunted by the shotgun-carrying villagers whose sons she has taken to the underworld, she has to live in hiding. Fed up with her loveless life on the run, she sets about lifting the curse, returning to the village on the Day of the Dead twenty years after her first victim’s demise.

Set in a rural Balkan village where superstition still rules life and the impossible still happens every day, Christina Hadjicharalambous and Radoslav Pavkovic present their first full-length feature film in the form of a black fairytale with plenty of comedy moments. Released in Serbia in March 2012, the film is a co-production between the country as well as Poland, Cyprus and Greece and having its international premiere at Raindance.

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