A Night Too Young

Film Title

A Night Too Young


    Wednesday 3 October, 20:15
    Thursday 4 October, 12:45


65 mins

Director: Olmo Omerzu Country: Czech Republic / Slovenia
Writer: Bruno Hájek, Jakub Felcman, Olmo Omerzu Original Format: Super 16mm
Dir. of Photography: Lukáš Milota Print Source: Uta Gildhuis
Producer: Jiří Konečný
Cast: Martin Pechlát, Jiří Černý, Natálie Řehořová

UK Premiere | Nominated Best Debut

Two unnamed young boys are approached by a young woman, Katerina (Natalie Rehorova) and her two male friends, the moody Stepan and older-looking, more jovial David (Jirí Cerný & Martin Pechlát) and cajoled into buying a bottle of vodka for a New Year’s party at Katerina’s house. When they arrive with the goods, they get invited in and an awkward, tense atmosphere begins to build as both adults and children indulge in vodka and cigarettes. The adults get more and more unpleasant and sexual with each other, their bleak and disloyal relationships unraveling before the children’s eyes as they watch quietly from corners of the room. How long can they stay there? What will they witness? And where will it lead them?

Olmo Omerzu, up-and-coming director and co-writer of this 60-minute featurette, manages to find a great tension ‘biting-point’ throughout the film, keeping us on edge with the constant fear that something awful is going to transpire. Some fantastically mature child acting from Voltech Machuta and Jan Vasi helps this bleak, foreboding feeling along, as do sporadic – but deceptively realistic – dream sequences which hold us just off-balance enough to endow the film with a dream-like quality. We can’t help but feel that we experience the film as our underage heroes experience their hazy, sometimes fun, sometimes threatening night – an intriguing feat of storytelling.

Orestes Kouzof

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