Practical Guide To Belgrade

Film Title

Practical Guide To Belgrade With Singing and Crying


    Saturday 6 October 18:15


87 mins

Director: Bojan Vuletic Country: Serbia, Germany, France
Writer: Bojan Vuletic & Stefan Arsenijevic Original Format: HDCam
Dir. of Photography: Jelena Stankovic Print Source: Milos Milosevic
Producer: Miroslav Mogorovic, Oliver Roepke, Jean des Forets
Cast: Jean Marc Barr, Julie Gayet, Baki Davrak

UK Premiere

Director/co-writer Bolan Vuletic clearly has something to say about Belgrade, Serbia. His comments are not, however, on the architecture, atmosphere or even particularly the history of the city, but rather on the relationships between people that seem to him to typify Serbia’s capital.

The film is split into four stand-alone segments, each following a different dysfunctional relationship as a series of characters – all in turbulent emotional states – collide, resulting in passionate, angry and oftentimes humorous affairs. From the manic diva with a heavy secret to the submissive American chef pretending to be a diplomat, the characters of this this entertaining and thoughtful film allow it to explore broken promises, disillusionment, emotional and physical control and the eternal stand-off between the sexes in an intriguing, light-hearted way which also tells us something about the violence inherent in fixing broken things.

A Practical Guide To Belgrade With Singing And Crying features some fantastic performances from Julie Gayet and Marko Janketic, among others, as well as smart cinematography by Stankovic and an entertaining musical score from Rastko Colic. A comic and emotionally charged romp with a distinctive 4 part structure, this is Balkan cinema as you probably don't expect it.

Orestes Kouzof

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