Winter Passed

Film Title:

Winter Passed


    Friday 28 September 13:15
    Monday 1 October 17:30


73 mins

Director: Paul Barbeau Country: Canada
Writer: Paul Barbeau Original Format: Super 16mm
Dir. of Photography: Philippe Roy Print Source: Paul Barbeau
Producer: Paul Barbeau
Cast: Émile Schneider-Vanier, Benz Antoine, Isabelle O’brien

UK Premiere

Simon is a music video producer who has lost his business because of piracy and illegal downloading. He also seems to have lost his father to the fogs of old age and now he can’t find his son. What happened? As we follow Simon on a very personal journey, everything around him seems to fall apart and he is forced to rethink his life.

Set against the back drop of the Canadian cold winter, it is also about the winter inside Simon, a time of metaphorical death. Life seems to have evaded him and it’s almost painful to watch his attempts to reach son Marc-Antoine fall on deaf ears. The wall between them seems insurmountable when father meets son in a very emotional scene in the police station. And what is it about Marc-Antoine? Why is it so hard for him to let his father in? The struggle inside him is obvious but the reasons for it remain hidden.

This is a film about human relations and how to find a way back, about life and death and the various cycles of life. The very simple, maybe even monotonous, soundtrack draws you in even closer, and there are some poignant moments that make this film what it is, finely balanced between very intensely intimate and yet so distant.

Mirjam Genetay

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