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Salt- Closing Night Gala
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    Sunday 7 October 19:30


116 mins

Director: Diego Rougier Country: Chile
Writer: Diego Rougier Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: David Bravo Print Source: Shoreline Entertainment
Producer: Diego Rougier
Cast: Fele Martínez, Gonzalo Valenzuela, Patricio Contreras

Closing Night Gala
UK Premiere
Nominated Best International Feature

Ever wondered what a Charlie Kaufman Western would look like? Sergio is a struggling screenwriter who’s crazy about Westerns but his magnum opus, a tale of revenge set in the Chilean desert, just isn’t cutting it. Dejected, he decides to fly out to the story’s setting, ‘the driest desert on the planet,’ hoping to find inspiration for a new draft.

But things get weird as soon as he arrives: the village of strangers greet him warmly, calling him ‘Diego.’ What starts off as an innocent case of mistaken identity soon gets much darker as Sergio is kidnapped and beaten. Left on a remote ranch with a mysterious old man he learns that psychotic bandit Victor has a score to settle with his new alter ego. Despite denying any knowledge of ‘Diego,’ he finds himself trapped in a deadly game with the lines between fiction and reality beginning to blur.

Packed with set-pieces and tense stand-offs, elegantly framed shots and a great original score play into the Spaghetti Western archetype. But far more than just a pastiche, Salt is a great modern-day Western in it’s own right, and it’s a hell of a ride as Sergio reluctantly becomes a formidable gunslinger and the hero of his own screenplay.

Sami El-Hadi

Apollo Cinema

All tickets £15.00

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