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    Thursday 27 September 20:45
    Friday 28 September 15:45


99 mins

Director: Chris Marker Country: France
Writer: - Original Format: 1.66:1
Dir. of Photography: - Print Source: Argos Films
Producer: Argos Films
Cast: Voice : Alexandra Stewart / Singing : Arielle Dombasle

Retrospective Screening

Sarah Cooper, a scholar of Marker writes: ‘Sans Soleil expands the notion of what it means to “film:” it becomes the spreading of a fine enveloping and impressionable membrane over the surfaces of whatever and whomever the camera encounters.’

Sunless, (or Sans Soleil in the original French) is Chris Marker’s gift to documentary cinema. It is what many writers and fellow filmmakers call the perfect example of an ‘essay film’. Marker describes it as a ‘fictive memory’ – it is an essay and also a travelogue where the cameraman, whose identity is unknown, returns to Japan. The cameraman revisits places he has seen before, and recounts the different memories that each places holds for him and for the Japanese. Meanwhile, the narration is that of a woman who reads parts of his letters to her. Her comments and reflections flow alongside the images of modern-day Japan and its people. A harrowing testimony from a survivor from the war forms part of the film’s core.

It is a film about cinema, and about the extraordinary capacity of film to capture and represent memory. A line from the commentary stands out in particular, and here we confront Marker’s chief fascination with cinema and the fragility of memory: ‘I wonder how people remember things who don’t film, don’t photograph, don’t tape. How has mankind managed to remember?’

By Pei-Sze Chow

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