Level 5

Film Title:

Level 5


Thursday 27 September 15:15

Friday 28 September 20:45


105 mins

Director: Chris Marker Country: France
Writer: - Original Format: 1.33:1
Dir. of Photography: - Print Source: Argos Films
Producer: Argos Films
Cast: Catherine Belkodja

Retrospective Screening

A woman named Laura (Catherine Belkhodja) speaks to the camera, addressing her dead lover. She tries to complete her lover’s last project – designing a computer game based on the Battle of Okinawa during the Second World War. Laura researches Okinawa’s history, and as she delves into the testimonials and footage, she becomes overwhelmed by Okinawa’s horrific past.

Shot on video and then transferred to 35mm film, Level 5 was proclaimed by Marker to be his last theatrical feature film, and that he would only work with computers from then on. Critics heralded the film as a new kind of cinema release that interrogated the connections between computer imagery and cultural memory. This obscured version of Okinawa’s history is brought into existence by Marker’s hybrid film, where the computer and its virtual networks are presented as an indispensable conduit through which truth is examined.

By Pei-Sze Chow

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