Vegetarian Cannibal


    Saturday 27 October, 00:15


    84 mins


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Director: Branko Schmidt Country: Croatia
Writer: Branko Schmidt Original Format: Arri Alexa
Dir. of Photography: Dragan Ruljančić Print Source: Stanislas Babic
Producer: Stanislav Babić
Cast: Rene Bitorajac, Zrinka Cvitešić, Leon Lučev

Officially Submitted for the Academy Awards

The paradox in the film’s title isn’t there for nothing. Danko Babić, a gynaecologist at a top Croatian fertility clinic, may not eat animals but consumes humans, hair, skin and at all. Not literally of course: it is just that Babić is so ruthlessly ambitious that he will let nothing stand in his way. He performs illegal abortions on prostitutes to afford himself a comfortable lifestyle, publicly humiliates female colleagues who reject his advances and is happy to falsify test results to get the department’s head doctor out of the way for his own promotion – even if that nearly costs the life of a patient. There are many casualties along the way as the morally monstrous Babić seems to balk at nothing.

Vegetarian Cannibal is a study of a reprehensible character, but also a dissection of a society which joins in on the game: the adulterous friend that has his mistress undergo a forced abortion, Babić’s policeman buddy that covers for his crimes and nurses that open their legs and close their eyes to any aberrations in the doctor’s office. Winning five awards at Croatia’s Pula Film Festival, including Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Director, the jury described Vegetarian Cannibal as “a cruel film commentary of our present times cutting into the sick social tissue where there are truly no boundaries between respectable citizens and the social scum.”

Marlies Prinzl

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