Over My Dead Body

Film Title:

Over My Dead Body


    Sunday 30 September 18:15
    Wednesday 3 October 12:45


80 mins

Director: Brigitte Poupart Country: Canada (Quebec)
Writer: Brigitte Poupart Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Brigitte Poupart, Dave Saint-Pierre, Jean Ranger, Alexis Landriault, Richard Jutras, Jean-Marc Abela, Adam Thompson Print Source: Clotilde Vatrinet
Producer: Virginie Dubois, Stéphanie Morissette, Brigitte Poupart
Cast: -

UK Premiere | Nominated Best Documentary

In the dance world – when one encounters Dave St-Pierre, the labels provocateur or enfant terrible spring to mind. His work is famed for its nudity, rawness, and some would say downright unnecessary barefacedness. ‘Over my dead body’ is a documentary vehicle that enables the audience to make their own judgment concerning this provocative genius who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis.

Chronicling a two year period, the film follows St-Pierre’s journey from joining the transplant list to the possibility of the actual procedure. Along the way one is invited to share in the most intimate of scenes that punctuate St Pierre’s time-dependent existence – from character references given by former lovers and collaborative artists, to heartfelt parental reactions. Though St-Pierre found international fame as a dance-maker, the film does not force his creative catalogue upon the observer, but rather uses it as an additional mode of communication – a truer way in which to contextualise the protagonist’s persona.

Appreciators of St-Pierre’s artistic voice have always viewed his works as conceptual in style but with a truthfulness to back themselves up. Being able to contemplate his lonely, melancholic existence more than affirms this assumption – as well as confirming the cliché that (most) great art is realised through great suffering.

Matthew Paluch

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