The Grief Tourist

Film Title:

The Grief Tourist


    Thursday 4 October 15:15
    Saturday 6 October 15:45


83 mins

Director: Suri Krishnamma Country: USA
Writer: Frank John Hughes Original Format: MiniRed
Dir. of Photography: Ricardo Jaques Gale Print Source: Stephen Fromkin
Producer: Zachery Bryan, Adam Targum, Michael Cudlitz, Frank John Hughes, Suzanne DeLaurentiis
Cast: Michael Cudlitz, Melanie Griffith, Pruitt Taylor Vince

UK Premiere

Jim Tahana (Michael Cudlitz) is the Grief Tourist of the title, a socially isolated security guard who spends his holidays visiting the sites of brutal killings. On his most recent excursion, to the home-town of arsonist and mass murderer, he encounters Betsy (Melanie Griffith) an emotionally vulnerable waitress with whom he begins to develop a real human connection. But as he visits the sites of the town’s tragic history he begins to relive elements of his own tragic history, to lose his grip on reality and his own dark side begins to bubble to the surface.

It takes real guts to make a film with a story and a central theme so reminiscent of Taxi Driver, but The Grief Tourist easily lives up to its mighty influence. A poignant yet chilling script and a haunting central performance from Cudlitz ensures that even during his darkest deeds Jim retains our sympathies.  Excellent supporting performances, beautiful cinematography, easy pacing and superb direction from Suri Krishnamma, brings together a film with more elegance and subtlety than any story with such a dark subject matter should by any rights have. When the annals of film history are written and a list is compiled of the films evoking thoughts of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, The Grief Tourist will appear on a different list entirely.

Mark Moynihan

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