Die Standing Up

Film Title:

Die Standing Up


Saturday 29 September 15:00


74 mins

Director: Jacaranda Correa Country: Mexico
Writer: Jacaranda Correa, Martha Orozco, Rodolfo Santa Ma Troncoso Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Dariela Ludlow Print Source: Iván Gutiérrez Araico
Producer: Martha Orozco
Cast: Irina Layevska, Nélida Reyes

UK Premiere

This is a powerful and surprising documentary film by renowned journalist and sociologist Jacaranda Correa, who uses her research skills to introduce the unique story of Irina Layevska. Through a fragmented narrative, Correa presents two stories, apparently unrelated, with a shocking and most surprising link between them.

 Die Standing Up is the story of Irina,  a tireless fighter for personal freedoms and progressive causes, all done from her wheelchair. Brought up by militarily communist parents, Irina's early confinement to a wheelchair has turned her socialism away from the Cuban Solidarity Movement of her youth to more personal activism. Irina represents an invaluable contribution in the struggle against social injustices and discriminations in Mexico and puts her personal experience of such things to good use.

 Using interviews, archival footage and home videos, Correa skilfully intercuts the fragmented stories, building up an intimate portrait of Irina and her partner Nelida's personal and professional lives. An award-winning documentary, Die Standing Up shows the struggle against disease, identity crises, social injustices and discrimination through an in-depth exploration of its principal character: the irrepressible Irina Layevska.

David Martinez


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