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    Wednesday 3 October 20:30


91 mins

Director: Julian Richards Country: USA
Writer: Robert Weinbach based on novel by Brian Harper Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Zoran Popovic Print Source: Robert Weinbach
Producer: Robert Weinbach
Cast: Danielle Harris, John Jarratt, Casper Van Dien

UK Premiere

If you’ve seen Wolf Creek then you already know how terrifyingly good Australian actor John Jarratt is at playing a psychopathic killer. Now times that by ten. His portrayal of Franklin Rood, a weird loner laughed at by women, is one of the most disturbing you are ever likely to see.  Rood handles his anger at rejection by creating a police taunting alter ego, The Griffin, and embarking on a spree of horrific murders, seemingly at random, all young women, home alone.  However, one manages to escape, for which she earns his respect – and his love. Danielle Harris turns in a powerful performance as Wendy, the girl who has to toughen up quick if she wants to stay alive.

The tension and gore factor are ramped up right from the word go, and the murders are brutal, relentless and unflinching, never sparing the audience. In Rood, we have a killer as clever and complex as Hannibal Lector and as unstoppable as Michael Myers. His moments of lucidity, the seemingly normal façade, and his warped attempts at engaging Wendy in conversation are chilling as they remind us that such people can and do live among us. The reveal of the full extent of his terrible depravity is an ingenious and truly macabre masterpiece of theatrical grand guignol.

Jean Lynch


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