Body Complete

Film Title:

Body Complete


    Sunday 7 October 17:15


85 mins

Director: Lukas Sturm Country: Austria
Writer: Lukas Sturm Original Format: HDC
Dir. of Photography: Sahin Sisić Print Source: Selver Djezić
Producer: Robert Hofferer
Cast: Asli Bayram, Senad Basić, Adnan Hasković

UK Premiere

When Edina Julic, a young woman from Vienna, disappears during a trip to her dead father’s village in what was once Bosnia-Herzegovina and is now Serbia, Nicole, a journalist, senses that a tragic story is repeating itself and journeys to Morovci to investigate. What she finds is that although the war on the Balkans may long be over, the aftereffects of the ethnic conflict certainly are not. Her questions about Edina are met with stony, hostile silences from villagers or outright denial from the both megalomanic and creepily threatening major who claims that no family by the name of Julic was ever registered in the town and that they therefore do not exist. Although she is clearly not wanted there, Nicole digs deeper to find out the truth.

Lukas Sturm’s political thriller with an international cast (including German actress Asli Bayram in the lead role) involved three years of intensive research into the recent history of the region and delivers a frightening reminder that the signing of peace agreements does not equal the end of a conflict and that many wounds remain fresh. Indeed, it was during the making of Body Complete that Ratko Mladić, one of the generals responsible for the mass murder of at least 6000 Bosnian civilians, was finally caught. Note: The film contains some graphic archival images - not for the fainthearted.

Matthew Paluch

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