The Phantom Father

Film Title:

The Phantom Father


    Friday 5 October 13:30
    Sunday 7 October 16:45


90 mins

Director: Lucian Georgescu Country: Bucovina (Romania)
Writer: Lucian Georgescu, Barry Gifford Original Format: 1:2,35
Dir. of Photography: Liviu Marghidan Print Source: GAV
Producer: Lucian Georgescu, Joachim Von Vietinghoff
Cast: Marcel Iures, Mihaela Sirbu, Valer Dellakeza

UK Premiere

Robert Traum (Marcel Iures) is a descendant of immigrants to Bucovina (Romania) and a Professor at a stuffy university. In a controversial decision, he leaves his life behind in favour of the ‘old country’ – Romania -  a place he’s never been but to which he feels a deep connection. It is there he meets the intriguing Tanya (Mihaela Sirbu), and the attraction between them fizzles with tension as they both journey in search of Sami – Robert’s father’s childhood friend and the only person who can tell the history behind the Traum family name. Things are not as simple as they seem, however, and a local gang run by the Mayor have their own reasons why these people should be kept apart.

Produced by GAV, with the support of the National Centre of Cinematograpy and HBO Romania, Lucian Georgescu’s film-directing debut is a stimulating story of belonging, expectations and dodgy local politicians. The Phantom Father boasts a great script, a funky soundtrack and some impressive cinematography and editing; the director commenting on the aspiration to modernisation as beautiful shots of the Romanian landscape give way to ones of abandoned 70’s era industrial buildings. Georgescu keeps things fresh with amusing dream sequences and direct references to the audience, ensuring an attention-grabbing and highly entertaining, as well as thoroughly intelligent, film.

Orestes Kouzof

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