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Monday 1 October 20:00

Thursday 4 October 15:00


92 mins

Director: Karan Gour Country: India
Writer: Karan Gour Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Abhinay Khoparzi Print Source: Shaan Vyas
Producer: Karan Gour and Shaan Vyas
Cast: Rasika Dugal, Alekh Sangal, Nitika Anand

UK Premiere

 When young newly wed Chhai discovers a sculpture of the Hindu Goddess of fertility in a mysterious Bombay workshop she is immediately entranced by it and sets her heart on having it for herself. But with her husband Arvind struggling to make ends meet with a miserly and corrupt boss, she is faced with the reality that she cannot have the thing that she covets most. Her desire for the sculpture soon turns to obsession as we discover its tragic personal significance and she is driven to ever more desperate measures to raise the money.

 A transcendent score and the frequent use of disarming, disembodied POVs suggest that Chhai is truly being watched over by a benevolent spirit.  But what starts off as an uplifting tale of growth and spirituality soon descends into a surreal nightmare as Chhai’s fracturing psyche bleeds into reality.

This a powerful and striking piece of work, depicting the poverty ravaged streets of Bombay in stark black and white and making good use of symbolism to illustrate how Chhai and Arvind are restricted by circumstance and unable to flourish, reinforced by the recurring motif of fertility or, in Chhai’s case, the lack thereof. Corrode is a bold and visually poetic film which diverts expectation at every turn.

Sami El-Hadi

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