Luna Mesa

Film Title

Luna Mesa


    Wednesday 3 October 21:00
    Saturday 6 October 12:45


60 mins

Director: Trent Harris Country: USA
Writer: Trent Harris Original Format: HDV
Dir. of Photography: Trent Harris Print Source: Trent Harris
Producer: Trent Harris
Cast: Liberty Valentine, Richard Dutcher

World Premiere

Luna is a young woman in the midst of an affair with an older man when she suddenly discovers that he’s died in a hotel room in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Alongside his body she finds a diary overflowing with cryptic messages and symbols.  Determined to uncover the cause of his death she embarks on a journey with his diary as her guide, little knowing it will take her around the world.
She travels to Sierra Leone, Mexico and Rwanda without finding any answers before eventually landing at a dustbowl of a rundown café, coincidentally called Luna Mesa and run by a goat farming mystic.
Harris’ latest film and his fifth, reveals him as a filmmaker invigorated. The film’s brilliant hues, and the casting of an actress who wouldn’t seem out of place in a mainstream movie, suggest a director in full flow. Where his previous films have had  a spur of the moment, d.i.y. aesthetic – Luna, with its enhanced production values and themes of sex, death and destruction seems more contemplative and mature.
The fact that he also narrates in places gives the film a very personal air, almost as if it might be the director’s own story. Fearless of the critics and boldly individual, it’s no wonder that Harris retains his reputation as one of America’s original and most fiercely independent filmmakers.

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