Schedule: 6th October

Love Tomorrow

Thursday 4 October 20:30 | Saturday 6 October 12:30

A tentative friendship grows into something more when two dancers meet by chance on the streets of London.

Luna Mesa

Wednesday 3 October 21:00 | Saturday 6 October 12:45

Luna discovers her dead lover's notebook filled with cryptic messages.  The book will lead Luna to the ends of the earth and beyond.


Wednesday 3 October 18:30 | Saturday 6 October 13:00

StringCaesar, shot inside prisons with inmates and actors, creates a fascinating dialogue between the historical story of a young Julius Caesar and the drama of incarceration in the 21st century. These stories  linked by common themes   - of human passion, rivalry, enmity and friendship, visceral and latent violence - bridge the millennia.” The prisoner who becomes a Caesar. The Caesar who rules a cell.

Pursuit Of Loneliness

Saturday 6 October 13:15

Elegantly shot in stark monochrome, with a score by William Basinski, the second feature from American writer-director Laurence Thrush stares our collective mortality in the face with a quiet, contemplative and moving portrait of the impermanence of life and the loneliness of death.

Don't Dare To Stop Love

Sunday 30 September 15:30 | Saturday 6 October 13:30

An anti-social, god-fearing woman scrapes through life under the delusion that she can hear God's voice. Then, one day, she comes across a young man at a bar...

Shorts Programme 10 Raindance 2012

Saturday 6 October 15:00


Brilliant Soil

Saturday 6 October 15:15

Herlinda, a Purépecha indigenous potter, is one of the few artesans in her community who uses alternative lead-free glazes. She will devote herself to her community whilst promoting the art craft tradition.


Thursday 4 October 18:00 | Saturday 6 October 15:30

A secret and illicit adoption to cover up for a man’s inability to father a child ends not in familial unity but fragmentation.

Grief Tourist, The

Thursday 4 October 15:15 | Saturday 6 October 15:45

A night watchman slowly begins to lose his grip on reality when he visits places of intense suffering in the life of deceased serial killer he is obsessed with. In a dangerous twist, he encounters a prostitute who threatens to unleash his darkest desires.

Bill Martell - Screenwriting Workshops

Various dates, times & locations

 Hollywood based screenwriter William C MArtell has an astonishing 20 screenplay credits on produced films. He joins Raindance as a juror, and presents a series of lunchtime script workshops for a fiver. Don't miss this chance to study with a professional.


Friday 5 October 15:45 | Saturday 6 October 17:30

'Normal' is a creative documentary based on controversial research that brings the real life stories of male, female and transgender migrants working in the sex industry to the screen. Drawing on original interviews with people working in the sex industry in Albania, Italy and the UK, documentary director and anthropologist Nicola Mai reveals their unheard voices.

Shorts Programme 11 Raindance 2012

Saturday 6 October 17:45


Awards Ceremony 2012

Saturday 6 October 18:00

Raindance presents awards to the best of the best, along with our yearly 'Film Of The Festival' Award.

Practical Guide To Belgrade With Singing And Crying

Saturday 6 October 18:15

A contemporary romantic comedy about the trials of finding the right person, told through four completely different love stories.

At Night I Fly

Saturday 6 October 18:30

A reflective insight into the lives of maximum security inmates who take refuge from the monotony of serving time at New Folsom prison by creating art.

Bar 25

Saturday 6 October 20:00

'Bar25 - Days Out Of Time' shows the diversity, internationality and creativity of Berlin and what it takes to create a seemingly utopian world.


Saturday 6 October 20:15

Angel is an experimental film by Gee Vaucher, creator of this year's campaign image.

Good Night, Missy

Thursday 4 October 13:15 | Saturday 6 October 20:30

Hannah and Sam are still young, they have a house, a wonderful daughter and interesting and well paid work. He is successful and the decision maker, she is a slightly hypersensitive dreamer. However, their polite and comfortable family routine starts cracking because of lies, lack of trust and jealousy...

Portrait Of A Zombie

Saturday 6 October 20:45

A narcissistic American filmmaker discovers the Murphy's, an Irish family with an undead son, and jumps at the opportunity to document their strange story.

Vegetarian Cannibal

Thought-provoking to the point of shocking, Vegetarian Cannibal is a riveting character study of a ruthlessly amoral gynaecologist aided by a society that prefers not to look too closely.