Schedule: 1st October

Bill Martell - Screenwriting Workshops

Various dates, times & locations

 Hollywood based screenwriter William C MArtell has an astonishing 20 screenplay credits on produced films. He joins Raindance as a juror, and presents a series of lunchtime script workshops for a fiver. Don't miss this chance to study with a professional.

Lottery Of Birth, The

Thursday 27 September 18:00 | Saturday 29 September 13:15 | Monday 1 October 12:45

From birth onwards our minds are a battleground of competing forces. The outcome of this battle determines the society we create. This is a film about the cultural, educational and commercial forces that shape who we are and what we do.

Shorts Programme 1 Raindance 2012

Sunday 30 September 15:45 | Monday 1 October 13:00


How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song

Thursday 27 September 21:00 | Monday 1 October 13:00

An original musical that takes a unique look at love, artistic inspiration and relationships through a composer’s journey in writing the score to an Off-Broadway show.

Me @ The Zoo

Sunday 30 September 18:00 | Monday 1 October 13:30

The film is an examination of the phenomenon of Internet celebrity and focuses on Chris Crocker, a video blogger known for the infamous “Leave Britney Alone” YouTube declaration.


Thursday 27 September 20:30 | Monday 1 October 15:00

 Vinyl is based on Mike Peters' true rock and roll hoax of 2004. Washed-up rocker, Johnny Jones, hoodwinks top record labels, radio DJs and the entire rock music world by releasing his new pop   punk single under a fictitious teenage band's name….

Loveless Zoritsa

Friday 28 September 17:45 | Monday 1 October 15:15

Her name is Zoritsa, but the raged villagers name her “the kiss of death”! Is Zoritsa a serial killer or just a girl bearing an extraordinary curse?

Sado Tempest (Arashi)

Friday 28 September 21:00 | Monday 1 October 15:30

A visionary reworking of Shakespeare’s The Tempest set in near future Japan. A politically outspoken rock star is exiled to a desolate island prison, where music may be his only redemption


Saturday 29 September 18:00 | Monday 1 October 15:45

She hid from the world for years. All she wants now is to escape.

Banaz: A Love Story

Saturday 29 September 15:45 | Monday 1 October 16:00

Banaz was brutally murdered by her family in 2006 in an honour killing. This film tells Banaz’s story and the story of the police team that didn’t give up on her case and brought her killers to justice.

Winter Passed

Friday 28 September 13:15 | Monday 1 October 17:30

In 2009, a music video producer is forced to shut down his music video production company due to illegal downloading of music on the net. Under financial strain, he attempts to rekindle with his family, notably his teenage son, but quickly realizes that he may have lost a lot more than he ever imagined.

Prime Cuts

Monday 1 October 17:45

Screening celebrating the award winning films of the 2012 Prime Cuts Festival.

Ballroom Dancer

Monday 1 October 18:00 | Wednesday 3 October 15:00

Celebrated Russian dancer Slavik Kryklyvyy returns to the circuit after a nearly career-stopping injury in this intimate and insightful documentary.

Shorts Programme 3 Raindance 2012

Monday 1 October 18:15 | Wednesday 3 October 13:00

Another collection of sparkling shorts.


Monday 1 October 18:30 | Thursday 4 October 16:00

An obsessive compulsive social misfit brings home a living corpse (literally) and befriends him only to get into trouble with his mean landlady who has long since been looking for an excuse to throw him out.


Monday 1 October 20:00 | Thursday 4 October 15:00

When Chhai discovers a sculpture of the Hindu Goddess of fertility in a mysterious Bombay workshop she is consumed by a corrosive obsession and driven to the brink of madness by an uncontrollable desire to have it for herself.

Shorts Programme 12 Raindance 2012

Monday 1 October 20:15


Culture Shock

Monday 1 October 20:30 | Thursday 4 October 15:30

Comedy-thriller in which four American college graduates take their first trip overseas where they unwittingly get mixed up in an international crime ring.

Sunset Strip

Thursday 27 September | 15:45 Monday 1 October 20:45

Birthed as a dusty trading route at the turn of last century, Sunset Strip became the world's center of gravity for music, glamour, fashion, sex, and decadence. A place where dreams are started, chased, loved, hated, displayed, ignored, ended, or all of the above.

Locked In A Garage Band

Monday 1 October 21:00 | Wednesday 3 October 15:45

 A high school rock band on the verge of breaking up gets locked in their garage for a day.