Schedule: 30th September

Salesman, The

Saturday 29 September 18:30 | Sunday 30 September 12:30

Marcel Lévesque, a savvy, quick-witted car salesman nearing retirement, has only one thing on his mind: getting his beloved American cars off the snowy lot. One day he sells a brand new truck to François Paradis, a laid-off worker from the mill, leading to repercussions Marcel never imagined

Production Design Workshop

Sunday 30 September 12:45

Spend some time with Elliot Scott, professonal industry designer and motion-arts festival director, learning about the basics (and the complexities!) of design for film.

Heavy Girls

Sunday 30 September 13:00 | Sunday 7 October 15:00

Sven lives with his mother Edeltraut, who is suffering from demetia. He shares his entire life, the apartment, even his bed with her. While he works, Daniel comes to the apartment to look after Edeltraut. One day, while Daniel is cleaning, Edeltraut locks him out on the balcony and takes off. The two men go looking for her, but what they find is not just Edeltraut, but also a tender fondness for each other...

Zero Killed

Friday 28 September 13:30 | Sunday 30 September 13:15

Have you ever fantasized about murder?  Whether it's offing your boss, an ex, a relative, this documentary invites its particpants to act out their murder fantasies, either as killer or victim.  Interspersed with their thoughts and feelings on humanity and the desire to deliberatley end another's life.

Road Stained Crimson, A

Sunday 30 September 13:30 | Tuesday 2 October 13:15

Breaking away from his underworld job as an assassin, Ken is trying to go straight and build a new life. However, his dark past isn't giving up that easily…

Anatomy of a Reel: Underwater Realm

Sunday 30 September 15:00

Have a look behind the scenes of the most ambitious independent film project ever attempted: an underwater filming extravaganza from Realm Pictures, creators of 'Zomblies'.

Flower In The Slime

Sunday 30 September 15:15

Augusto Talanquer, a well-known biochemical researcher, abandons his wife, his work and his comfortable life to go after Marlene, an extraordinarily beautiful fourteen-year-old girl who burst into his life unexpectedly.

Don't Dare To Stop Love

Sunday 30 September 15:30 | Saturday 6 October 13:30

An anti-social, god-fearing woman scrapes through life under the delusion that she can hear God's voice. Then, one day, she comes across a young man at a bar...

Shorts Programme 1 Raindance 2012

Sunday 30 September 15:45 | Monday 1 October 13:00


Ivan's Dream

Thursday 27 September 15:30 | Sunday 30 September 16:00

For the first time in history of football, a Worldwide Selection of stars will play against a World Selection of... children! Ivan, an eleven-year-old boy, is selected to play the game but will also try to win Paula’s heart. And this match is going to be much more difficult…

Shorts Programme 2 Raindance 2012

Sunday 30 September 17:30 | Tuesday 2 October 13:00


State of Shock

Friday 28 September 15:30 | Sunday 30 September 17:45

It’s 1986 in Communist Yugoslavia, and socialist worker Peter falls into a shock-induced catatonic state after winning ‘Worker of the Year’ award in his local collective. 10 years later he awakens to a radically different world, where everything he once knew is now history.

Me @ The Zoo

Sunday 30 September 18:00 | Monday 1 October 13:30

The film is an examination of the phenomenon of Internet celebrity and focuses on Chris Crocker, a video blogger known for the infamous “Leave Britney Alone” YouTube declaration.

Over My Dead Body

Sunday 30 September 18:15 | Wednesday 3 October 12:45

A film following the life of Dave St-Pierre, Canadian provocateur dance choreographer suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, filmed over a two-year period of his life.

Percival's Big Night

Sunday 30 September 18:30 | Wednesday 3 October 16:00

Percy's night unfolds in one single shot as he pursues the love of his life, who has never noticed him. Until Now.

Without A Net

Sunday 30 September 20:00

In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, four young people trade the hazards of street life for the excitement of the circus.

Second Execution Of Romell Broom, The

Sunday 30 September 20:15

On September, 15th, 2009, the State of Ohio tried to execute Romell Broom and failed. Ohio claims it has a right to try again.

Black Smoke Rising

Sunday 30 September 20:30 | Wednesday 3 October 15:30

Grieving, drinking and smoking his way through life day by day, blues musician Jonah is compelled to go on a ghostly scavenger hunt by his recently deceased brother Rafe. Only it seems Rafe may have come along for the ride.

Ascent, The

Sunday 30 September 20:45 | Wednesday 3 October 15:15

Jovan struggles to finish his first novel, removing himself to his friend’s country estate in order to write in peace. At the secluded estate live a very strange family who don’t have contact with civilization. Zeko, head of the family, is sadist authority whose word, will and unique world-view can’t be challenged by family members. Jovan slowly gets used to life with them, and decides to stay with them a little longer. But, it’s not up to him to decide how much longer.

Missed Connections

Sunday 30 September 21:00 | Tuesday 2 October 15:45

 Meet Neal, a guy in a quarter life crisis, trying to get over a break-up by tricking women on the Internet.  His plan is going well, until meeting Jane, who may be just as devious as he is.