Schedule: 28th September

In Search Of Blind Joe Death, The Saga Of John Fahey

Friday 28 September 12:30 | Saturday 29 September 20:15 | Thursday 4 October 20:00

A feature documentary about the composer, guitarist, author and provocateur John Fahey (1939-2001). The film combines live action and archival footage with animation in a kinetic, musically charged tribute.

Raindance Master Degree Screening

Friday 28 September 12:45

The first of the Raindance Postgraduate Degree students present 5 short films!

Best UK Shorts 2012

Friday 28 September 13:00 Saturday 29 September 15:30|

Our pick of the top shorts from the UK this year.

Winter Passed

Friday 28 September 13:15 | Monday 1 October 17:30

In 2009, a music video producer is forced to shut down his music video production company due to illegal downloading of music on the net. Under financial strain, he attempts to rekindle with his family, notably his teenage son, but quickly realizes that he may have lost a lot more than he ever imagined.

Zero Killed

Friday 28 September 13:30 | Sunday 30 September 13:15

Have you ever fantasized about murder?  Whether it's offing your boss, an ex, a relative, this documentary invites its particpants to act out their murder fantasies, either as killer or victim.  Interspersed with their thoughts and feelings on humanity and the desire to deliberatley end another's life.


Friday 28 September 15:00

 An extraordinary feature-length documentary about one man’s search to answer the question in all of us — isn’t there more to life than this? The film follows young Englishman Tom Allen’s solo journey into the Sahara Desert and his unexpected romantic encounter.

Familiar Ground

Thursday 27 September 17:30 | Friday 28 September 15:15

Benoit and Maryse: a brother and sister with seemingly normal lives. Everything is changed by a series of coincidences... and the arrival of a man claiming to come from the future.

State of Shock

Friday 28 September 15:30 | Sunday 30 September 17:45

It’s 1986 in Communist Yugoslavia, and socialist worker Peter falls into a shock-induced catatonic state after winning ‘Worker of the Year’ award in his local collective. 10 years later he awakens to a radically different world, where everything he once knew is now history.


Thursday 27 September 20:45 | Friday 28 September 15:45

Complex, allusive and visually ravishing, this remarkable essay-film imagines a series of letters from a globally-roving cameraman, nagging away at what constructs and constitutes individual and collective memory, history and the mediated image itself. At times an almost science fiction analysis of Japanese customs, of Icelandic landscapes, of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, of documentaries.   

Glorious Deserter

Friday 28 September 16:00 | Tuesday 2 October 18:00

Wild poetry from the turmoil of world events and a powerful and moving portrait of the last, forgotten victims of the Nazis.

Music Videos

Friday 28 17:30

Some great new indie music videos.

Loveless Zoritsa

Friday 28 September 17:45 | Monday 1 October 15:15

Her name is Zoritsa, but the raged villagers name her “the kiss of death”! Is Zoritsa a serial killer or just a girl bearing an extraordinary curse?


Friday 28 September 18:00 | Saturday 29 September 12:45

My name is Louis Després. I am 28 years old. I live in Montreal, in this fucking shit-hole of a province. I don’t know what I like. I don’t know who I like. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I don’t know who I am. One thing I do know is that I am not the Other.

Shorts Programme 5 Raindance 2012

Friday 28 September 18:15 | Friday 5 October 13:00



Friday 28 September 18:30 | Tuesday 2 October 12:45

A documentary feature about a remote village in South Africa, where only white Afrikaans people live - a culturally homogeneous place in a multicultural country.

Wild In The Streets

Friday 28 September 20:00 | Tuesday 2 October 13:30

Every year, thousands of locals from rival sides of a rugged English town brutally compete in an ancient sports game that is the lifeblood of the community – and the origin of soccer, rugby, and football.

Free Improvisation

Friday 28 September 20:15

An intimate portrait of Jean Claude Jones, a 60 year old avant-garde double bass player from Jerusalem, who has dedicated his life to music. Ever since he was diagnosed with MS, his ability to continue creating music has been in danger. The film accompanies his unusual teacher-student relationship with 11-year-old pianist prodigy Ariel Lanyi, which develops into a deep and unique friendship.

Level 5

Thursday 27 September 15:15 | Friday 28 September 20:45

As idiosyncratic as most of Marker’s magic musings on film memory and amnesia, this highly humanistic view of the last pre-nuclear face-off between the USA and Japan  fuses contemporary documentary footage and a computer-age digital focus to reverberant effect.


Friday 28 September 20:30 | Tuesday 2 October 15:30

A German exchange student begins an impulsive and ultimately destructive relationship with a shy British boy in her final weeks before returning home to her warring family.

Sado Tempest (Arashi)

Friday 28 September 21:00 | Monday 1 October 15:30

A visionary reworking of Shakespeare’s The Tempest set in near future Japan. A politically outspoken rock star is exiled to a desolate island prison, where music may be his only redemption