Schedule: 27th September

Best International Shorts

Thursday 27 September 13:00 | Sunday 7 October 15:00


Center Of Gravity

Thursday 27 September 15:00 | Saturday 29 September 13:30

Center of Gravity deals with universal questions about love and our expectations toward the beloved, the thin line that simultaneously divides and unites one another.

Level 5

Thursday 27 September 15:15 | Friday 28 September 20:45

As idiosyncratic as most of Marker’s magic musings on film memory and amnesia, this highly humanistic view of the last pre-nuclear face-off between the USA and Japan  fuses contemporary documentary footage and a computer-age digital focus to reverberant effect.

Ivan's Dream

Thursday 27 September 15:30 | Sunday 30 September 16:00

For the first time in history of football, a Worldwide Selection of stars will play against a World Selection of... children! Ivan, an eleven-year-old boy, is selected to play the game but will also try to win Paula’s heart. And this match is going to be much more difficult…

Sunset Strip

Thursday 27 September | 15:45 Monday 1 October 20:45

Birthed as a dusty trading route at the turn of last century, Sunset Strip became the world's center of gravity for music, glamour, fashion, sex, and decadence. A place where dreams are started, chased, loved, hated, displayed, ignored, ended, or all of the above.

My Universe In Lower Case

Thursday 27 September 16:00 | Tuesday 2 October 21:00

Spanish nurse Aina decides to go to Mexico City, looking after her father who she thought was dead. Soon, she finds herself in a place where new opportunities will change her life.

Familiar Ground

Thursday 27 September 17:30 | Friday 28 September 15:15

Benoit and Maryse: a brother and sister with seemingly normal lives. Everything is changed by a series of coincidences... and the arrival of a man claiming to come from the future.

International Film Financing panel

Thursday 27 September 18:00

The Institute for International Film Financing presents a series of influential speakers on films & filmmaking.

Lottery Of Birth, The

Thursday 27 September 18:00 | Saturday 29 September 13:15 | Monday 1 October 12:45

From birth onwards our minds are a battleground of competing forces. The outcome of this battle determines the society we create. This is a film about the cultural, educational and commercial forces that shape who we are and what we do.

Shorts Programme 13 Raindance 2012

Thursday 27 September 18:15


VICE presents The British Wrestler + Carribean Fashion Week

Thursday 27 September 18:30

Two films about two different cultures, from rainy Britain to sunny Jamaica.

VICE presents The 4th Dimension

Thursday 27 September 20:00

Three visionary filmmakers give us a glimpse of enlightenment through the eyes of three one-of-a-kind characters who are each on a journey that changes the way they see the world and themselves. Each filmmaker provides a different perspective on what the 'Fourth Dimension' is while keeping a common theme—by broadening your mind and changing your perspective on life, you can pave your own path to enlightenment.


Thursday 27 September 20:30 | Monday 1 October 15:00

 Vinyl is based on Mike Peters' true rock and roll hoax of 2004. Washed-up rocker, Johnny Jones, hoodwinks top record labels, radio DJs and the entire rock music world by releasing his new pop   punk single under a fictitious teenage band's name….


Thursday 27 September 20:45 | Friday 28 September 15:45

Complex, allusive and visually ravishing, this remarkable essay-film imagines a series of letters from a globally-roving cameraman, nagging away at what constructs and constitutes individual and collective memory, history and the mediated image itself. At times an almost science fiction analysis of Japanese customs, of Icelandic landscapes, of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, of documentaries.   

How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song

Thursday 27 September 21:00 | Monday 1 October 13:00

An original musical that takes a unique look at love, artistic inspiration and relationships through a composer’s journey in writing the score to an Off-Broadway show.

This Ain't California

Thursday 27 September 21:00

“This Ainʼt California” redefines the documentary genre. In 90 minutes, we see the GDR more sharply, more clearly: the skater subculture shows that not all was grey-on-grey and drab clouds of Trabant fumes. It is not just a well thought out story on its own – this film also raises the aesthetic bar.