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Saturday 29 September 20:00

Tuesday 2 October 15:15


94 mins

Director: Márton Jelinkó Country: Finland
Writer: Eira Virekoski & Márton Jelinkó Original Format: HDV
Dir. of Photography: Heini Mäntylä Print Source: Márton Jelinkó
Producer: Márton Jelinkó
Cast: Kristiina Puukko, Heidi Lindén, Juha-Tapio Arola

UK Premiere | Nominated Best Debut

A tale of the lengths people will go for money, not out of greed, but out of fear. Indebted is the bleak tale of Elli (Heidi Linden), a biology student with mounting bills, currently working two jobs but still struggling to make ends meet. When a one night stand misunderstands the nature of their encounter and leaves her €300 she succumbs to the idea of prostituting herself to make money.
Meanwhile, Iris (Kristina Puukko) is part of a team of brutal debt collectors. With a deadline looming to collect on a long list of debtors, she finds herself drawn to her colleague Andrei (Juha Arola) after a near fatal encounter. By coincidence, Andrei meets Elli and the two hit it off, starting to plan a future away from the world of spiralling debt that consumes them.

In his debut feature Marton Jelinko turns the screws, with the inevitable collision of the two women and their two worlds propelling the film towards its conclusion. A grimy mix of sex and violence, and how the line between the two can blur, Indebted is also a meditation on the debts we pay both literal and emotional. It is an unflinching and topical picture that takes our worst, financial fears to their darkest of extremes.

With a fine ensemble, headed by two compelling and raw performances from the leads, this thriller takes some unexpected twists on its course towards its grim, explosive denouement.

Owain Paciuszko

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