The Ballad of Des and Mo
Ballad of Des and Mo

Film Title:

The Ballad of Des and Mo


    Saturday 8 October 14:00 


70 mins

Director: James Fair Country: UK/Ireland/ Australia
Writer: James Fair Original Format: -
Dir. of Photography: - Print Source: James Fair
Producer: Gary Hoctor
Cast: Michael F. Cahill, Kate O’Toole, Don Bridges, Aaron Jakubenko

Film Details


Des and Mo are an Irish couple who arrive in Melbourne on their second honeymoon, but their luggage doesn’t arrive with them. Their troubles worsen once their bankcard is swallowed at the ATM, forcing them to stay at a hostel. When Des is charged for abuse towards airport staff and Mo is forced to pawn her wedding ring to release him, it looks like the romance is over. However it is Des & Mo’s unexpected encounters that lead them to a greater adventure than they could have ever imagined. It’s a film about love, luggage and living on the edge.

The film will be preceded by ‘WIN WIN’ – A short film by Henrietta Thomas
11 October 2011 Louise Hector The Ballad of Des and Mo