Better Than Something:
Jay Reatard
Better Than Something
Better Than Something: Jay Reatard
with The Magic Man 10' USA


  • Sunday 9th October 12 Noon
  • All Tickets £10.00


89 mins

Director: Alex Hammond, Ian Markiewicz Country: USA
Writer: Ian Markiewicz Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Alex Hammond, Ian Markiewicz Print Source: Alex Hammond
Producer: Alex Hammond
Cast: Jay Reatard, Alicja Trout, Eric Friedl, Jeffrey Novak

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Better Than Something: Jay Reatard is a feature documentary about the controversial and prolific rock icon Jimmy Lee Lindsey, better known to the world as Jay Reatard. This intimate portrait, captured just months before his untimely passing, brings us incredibly close to Jay's complicated punk-rock world in Memphis, Tennessee.


Better Than SomethingIn January last year Jimmy Lee Lindsay Jr. – an American garage-punk artist better known by his stage name Jay Reatard – was found dead in his room in Memphis. The cause of death would turn out to be a mixture of cocaine and alcohol poisoning, perhaps an end many saw coming in the tumultuous and drug-filled 29 years of Jay’s life.

Jay grew up as a troublesome child with few friends, turning to music in his times of depression. He is described as ‘struggling to find a voice’, and find that voice he did. His first record impressed industry professionals, and soon he was touring with a variety of bands before starting his solo career. By the time of his death, he was regarded as one of the most talented artists on the scene and had built up a prodigious back-catalogue of over 100 records.

This documentary by Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz chronicles Jay Reatard’s life from the perspective of his closest friends and family, and using documentary footage of him taken a few years before his death. In this way we get to see inside true DIY musician’s world and understand the drives behind one of the most loved and abhorred music genres ever.

Orestes Kouzof

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