Color Me Obsessed
Color Me Obsessed

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    Thursday 06 October 13:00
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123 mins

Director: Gorman Bechard Country: USA
Writer: Gorman Bechard Original Format: HD
DoP: Gorman Bechard, Sarah Hajtol, Adrian Correia Print Source: Gorman Bechard
Producer: Gorman Bechard, Hansi Oppenheimer, Jan Radder
Cast: Tommy Ramone, Goo Goo Dolls, Robert Christgau

Film Details

European Premiere

Officicial Selection Documentary

Short Synopsis:

A documentary on the last good band, the greatest band you've never heard of, the greatest rock band of all time period: The Replacements. Love, hate, obsession, tears, vomit... it might not be the prettiest story ever told, but it certainly rocks.


The Replacements may not be a name familiar to most contemporary music fans but for those who knew them and those who grew up with their music they were genuine Rock'n'Roll icons. Colour Me Obsessed charts their career in loving and exhaustive detail, from their humble beginnings in Minneapolis, to their legendary, shambolic live shows and brief flirtation with commercial success before splitting up.

Forming in the early 1980s, the band were a genuine group of misfits, comprised in part of a thirteen year old kid and a janitor. However they went on to become local legends and eventually carved out a name for themselves as cult heroes and one of the most important American bands of that era, if not of all time.

The film takes an interesting form, director Gorman Bechard choosing to leave the band themselves out of the documentary completely. Essentially a music documentary with no music, the focus is rather on the unwavering passion and commitment of the band's friends, contemporaries and fans, the fact that we never see or hear the band themselves adding to their mystique and intangible appeal. More than just a love letter to The Replacements, this documentary is for those who have never heard of the band as much as it is for life-long fans, and if you fall into the former category, you will want to get to know them very soon after seeing this.

Sami El-Hadi

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