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    Sunday 02 October 14:15
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82 mins

Director: Alex Pillai Country: UK
Writers: Ashley Chin, Michael Maris Original Format: DSLR
Dir. of Photography: Peter Butler Print Source: Pure Film Production
Producers: Danny Donnelly, Jason Maza, John Adams, Justin King
Cast: Ashley Madekwe, Adam Deacon, Jason Maza

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World Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

Victim is a vibrant and authentic picture of the consequences of crime, and how one young person will finally escape from this dangerous trap.


Victim Middle class country girl Tia heads to the big city to stay with her cousin, Davina, but little does she know that Davina and her scallywag friends have a lucrative side-line in robbery. Tia arrives at their block of dingy council flats to find them celebrating their recent heist. Tyson sits apart from the others, a quiet soul who has his own reasons for involving himself in their crimes; he is caring for his younger sister Nyla and trying to pay off the vast debts his mum landed them in when she abandoned them. With more in common than you’d expect, Tia and Tyson become drawn to one another, but this is not a development Davina seems too happy with.  

Although Tyson is desperate to break out of the cycle of violence, he equally wants to provide for Nyla and help her make something of herself, but smart as she is, she has started running with the wrong crowd and he realises that he isn’t exactly the best role model. 

Alex Pillai’s debut feature, following a long career of directing drama for TV, is a thought provoking and non-judgemental study of the social complexities that cause good people to do something bad, and demonstrates admirably that even in the worst people there is a spark of humanity. With the actors themselves writing the script, the film feels authentic and has the tight, dramatic plotting of thriller. But it is the brilliantly executed and quite timely social message that makes Victim so important. 

Dean Bowman

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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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