Youth H2 “Come as you are”

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Youth H2 “Come as you are”


    Saturday 01 October 16:30
  • All Tickets £10.00


102 mins

Director: Kota Yoshida Country: Japan
Writer: Kota Yoshida Original Format: HDCam
Dir. of Photography: Masashi Seki Print Source: Art Port
Producer: Hideki Onuki, Kunihiro Okuno
Cast: Tateto Serizawa, Nagisa Umeno, Saya Yasuda

Film Details

International Premiere

In Competition: Best International Feature

Short Synopsis:

Haruo works in a rental DVD shop. When the beautiful Momose starts working there, Haruo is confronted by his attraction to her, and asks his roommate Non to help him with his problem.


Self-styled actor, Haruo Yasuoka, has been working part-time at a rental DVD shop for 8 years. At her welcome party, Momose, a young, cute, trainee becomes drunk and Haruo nearly beds her, but prematurely ejaculates right before removing his trousers. Disappointed, Haruo determines to conquer his inadequacy. However, training to gain this self-control will require a girl’s help. So, Haruo solicits the cooperation of his close friend and roommate, Non, who reluctantly consents. Devoid of affection or sexual desire, the strange relationship of hands and genitals begins….

Director Kouta Yoshida’s erotic story utilizing fragrance as a motif, “Yuriko’s Aroma,” screened at the 2010 Raindance Film Festival. In this film also, a peculiar eroticism and innocent passion are rendered through a unique setup that deviates from the straightforward man/woman love affair. This odd love story begins at the point where affection and sexual contact diverge, gradually transforming to a purer love through the realism of the characters’ emotions. Perhaps people will be reminded of their own adolescence upon seeing the characters’ wavering confusion, since such ambivalent sensations, which can be thrown up between love and lust, are things everyone has experienced.

Akihiro Suzuki

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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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