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    Friday 07 October 12 Noon
  • All Tickets £5.00


93 mins

Director: David Bryant Country: UK
Writer: David Bryant Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Leighton Wise Print Source: Menan Films
Producer: David Bryant
Cast: John Bocelli, Sarah Coyle, Andy Cresswell

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European Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

A man is taken hostage and accused of a heinous crime from his distant past. Where are the kidnappers taking him and for what purpose?


A man is bundled into the back of a van and kidnapped on his wedding day by a group of anonymous thugs wearing balaclavas. But who are his mysterious assailants, where are they taking him and what has he done to deserve this?

The would-be groom insists his name is Chris and begs for an explanation as to what’s going on. However the kidnappers call him by a different name and accuse him of committing a horrific crime a long time ago. The entire film is viewed through the lens of a camcorder, supposedly held
by one of the kidnappers, and plays out in real time in one long take. This clever format allows the filmmakers to address the viewer directly and almost makes the audience complicit in the proceedings as we are forced to consider who is in the wrong, who is telling truth and who is really the victim.     

As the man is taken to a warehouse the truth is laid bare and the story unravels with a few unexpected twists. With powerful, emotionally intense performances Victims is a sharp look at ideas about justice, blame, innocence and revenge, while raising troubling issues about the brutality of which we are all capable.

Sami El-Hadi

08 October 2011 Louise Hector Victims

All Tickets for This Screening - £5
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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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