The Passage
The Passage

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The Passage


    Saturday 08 October 21:00
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89 mins

Director: Roberto Minervini Country: USA
Writer: Roberto Minervini, Denise Lee Original Format: Super16mm
Dir. of Photography: Diego Romero Print Source: Roberto Minervini
Producer: Adrian Agramonte, Joao Leite, Roberto Minervini
Cast: Soledad St. Hilaire, Mean Gene Kelton, Alan Lyddiard

Film Details

UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

A terminally ill woman, an ex convict, and a British artist are looking for something to give them hope, when hope is in short supply.


The PassageWhen Ana, a middle-aged, obese Latin American woman living alone in a Texan border town, is diagnosed with cancer and given just weeks to live, she asks a man she meets in a supermarket to drive her to see a healer in Rocksprings. Jack, who has just been released from jail and equally has little future ahead of him, senses an easy profit. A hard man and a loner, who takes whatever he can get and never says please (even taking the opportunity to steal Ana’s jewellery while she sleeps), he seems an unlikely companion, but even he has lost someone that he cares deeply about. Meanwhile Harold, a somewhat insecure but friendly man joins them on the road when Ana convinces Jack to take him along, even though their personalities clash violently. Finally the religious healer turns out to be a charlatan, but it’s the experience of the road and the friendship’s it forges that provides Ana with the human comfort she needs.
Soledad St. Hilaire plays Ana with a tragic intensity but a brave nobility, an acceptance of her fate that comes from drawing strength from her two companions. Director Roberto Minervini hangs the camera back sensitively, using lingering, hand-held shots of the passing Texan landscape to frame his protagonist’s mortality. The experience of seeing Ana through her last days deeply effects Jack and Harold, softening the former and hardening the latter, but it is to the film’s credit as a subtle, humanist meditation that it has no emotionally over-wrought conclusion to hammer home.
Dean Bowman

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