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80 mins

Director: Joe Tanaka Country: Japan
Writer: Joe Tanaka Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Kenji Tanabe Print Source: Joe Tanaka
Producer: Joe Tanaka
Cast: Katsuya Kobayashi, Issui Miyamoto, Ichiro Hashimoto

Film Details

International Premiere

In Competition: Best Debut Feature

Short Synopsis:

A story about a boy and a girl loafing around in Tokyo who are subjected to some severe trials.


Filmmaker Joe Tanaka draws a picture of a young Tokyo couple with all the time in the world, and not enough desire, drive or ideas to fill it. Okazaki is a would be painter, who at 29, continues to rely on money from his mother. To while away his time, he sleeps with the various women he encounters while attending drawing classes. Midoriko, a younger woman from a better off family, grasps the futility of her situation, yet is as unable as Okazaki to move beyond it, as she flees pointless, trendy, part time jobs.
Tanaka displays the woes and anxieties of Japan’s youth society at the turning point when adulthood and maturity become expected of them. Yet this is a transition they keep postponing, through a lack of education, employment, training and more significantly, vision.
The director’s style illustrates this inability to keep still whilst being unable to move forward, varying the camera work from kinetic hand held shots running through parks to static long takes in a love hotel. He has an eye for the surreal too, apparent in the Bunuelesque opening of the film, when Midoriko is sensuously kissing a statue in her flat. Synchronicity is a telling film about Japanese society and culture, and the crossroads at which it now finds itself.
Stephen Sarrazin

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