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    Sunday 02 October 14:30
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96 mins

Director: Katsumi Sakaguchi Country: Japan
Writer: Katsumi Sakaguchi Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Katsumi Sakaguchi Print Source: Supersaurus
Producer: Atsuko Ochiai
Cast: Mariko Hirano, Aimi Kobayashi, Miyuki Komagata

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UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

17 years after a brutal rape, a mother, daughter, and grandfather try to come to terms with that tragic event.


This, the third fiction feature from veteran documentary director Katsumi Sakaguchi, looks at the life of a woman called Kotono, scarred by her brutal rape aged fifteen, whilst returning from ballet class. She has spent the rest of her life trying to find her attacker.
SleepSakaguchi brings the stary back into focus fifteen years later. Kotono works as a traveling masseuse, moving around in a van accompanied by her disabled father and her daughter Natsume. The money they earn goes to a private detective trying to track down the rapist. The violence of the rape left Kotono speech-impaired and Natsume acts as her mother’s agent at all her massages, even the ones that are booked for sex. It’s Natsume who gets the call that the rapist, a man named Meguro, has been located in a hospital, as a terminal cancer patient.
What sounds like a bleak and dark revenge drama is made warmer by the strength and love obvious in this bizarre family unit. The film’s structure, relying on a traumatic event overcome by moving forward with an ‘ethical’ purpose, set to a romantically melancholy piano score, gives Sleep a ‘Shunji Iwai’ flavor. Which is always a good thing.
Stephen Sarra

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