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92 mins

Director: Jeremiah Jones Country: USA
Writer: Jeremiah Jones Original Format: RED ONE Digital at 4K
Dir. of Photography: John W. Rutland Print Source: Enemy House
Producer: Jeremiah Jones
Cast: Michael Mosley, Marianna Palka, Christopher Denham

Film Details

International Premiere

In Competition: Best Debut Feature

Short Synopsis:

An intensely bizarre tale of a mother who inhabits her husband’s suffocating behavior before falling into her own flawed maternal instincts. 


RestiveIn the American wilderness a mother attempts to flee an abusive husband with her child and finds herself being hunted through the surrounding woods by two vengeful brothers. The narrative is delivered out of sequence in darkly impressionistic snatches – the husband retching and screaming toward the camera, a vaguely human shape hanging in a bag from a hook, the hunters and the hunted scrambling through the mud – disorientating the viewer and forcing them to feel something of the protagonist’s state of mind.

Meanwhile the two brothers exchange words that verge on the philosophical; the younger brother seems to be spiritually struggling with the role they find themselves fulfilling and asks his brother about forgiveness, the elder brother, a sadistic sociopath that sees himself as a modern day drifter, like a figure from a country song, grins maliciously and replies: “you take the lowest point of your life. That’s the moment you’ll be judged on”.

First time director Jeremiah Jones has crafted a brooding thriller that draws on Deliverance and David Lynch in equal measures to deliver a rich atmosphere of impending doom, which is helped immensely by composer Ben Lukas Boysen's discordant string arrangements. As the mother (played with a palpable sense of desperation by Marianna Palka) desperately flees clutching her son, the stark trees of the woods lean in oppressively and John W. Rutland’s superb desaturated cinematography makes the most of the melancholy desolation of the setting, giving the film an almost religious intensity.

Dean Bowman

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