Punk’s Not Dead
Punks Not Dead

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Punk’s Not Dead


    Saturday 01 October 18:15
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104 mins

Director: Vladimir Blazevski Country: Republic of Macedonia
Writer: Vladimir Blazevski Original Format: 16mm
Dir. of Photography: Dimo Popov Print Source: Dimo Popov
Producer: Darko Popov
Cast: Jordan Simonov, Kamka Tocinovski, Toni Mihajlovski

Film Details

UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

A Macedonian punk-band reunite to play at some bizarre "multi-cultural-happening", in order to prove that Macedonia is not a land of relaxed ethnic tension.


Punks Not Dead40 year old Macedonian Mirsa used to be in a punk band. Now he fancies that he’s still got the attitude, but he’s been reduced to small-time drug dealing.

When he is offered the opportunity to play at a special gig he leaps at the chance, desperate to relive old times. The only catches: getting the band back together, and persuading them to play to a crowd of Albanians. For the gig is organized by an NGO in aid of promoting inter-ethnic relation and this might be a step to far for the decidedly un-pc Mirsa and his bandmates.

Punk’s Not Dead follows a road-trip form as Mirsa gathers up his colleagues from across all across former Yugoslavia in time for the comeback concert. With his ex-girlfriend in tow, Mirsa manages to find and convince everyone, and also collects a band mascot – Ferdinand the frog. But when they get to the concert not everything is as it should be.

This is a black-comedy seemingly based on the theory that if you insult everyone equally then no one group can be offended. And, travelling as they do across the Balkan peninsula, the conversations the men have cannot help but explore the changes the last 17 years have wrought on the area.
Johnny Cobbles

In Partnership With

DG ENLARG Southeast Europe: People and Culture is a project organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enlargement. It aims at raising awareness and showing another side of the countries of Southeast Europe that are hoping to join the EU in the future. http://www.southeast-europe.eu/home.html


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