In The Dark Half
In The Dark Half

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In The Dark Half


  • Monday 03 October 18:15
  • All Tickets £10.00


82 mins

Director: Alastair Siddons Country: UK
Writer: Lucy Catherine Original Format: Red Camera
Dir. of Photography: Neus Ollé-Soronellas Print Source: Content Media Corp
Producer: Margaret Matheson
Cast: Tony Curran, Lyndsey Marshal, Jessica Barden

Film Details

World Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

In The Dark Half is a serious, soulful and scary, psychological horror film about a teenage girl’s journey through her own haunted imagination.


In The Dark HalfSet half in gossipy, shallow suburbia and half in the mysterious, eerie woods, this psychological ghost story explores the nature of depression and delusion whilst maintaining a terrifying – but never over-the-top – supernatural edge.

15-year old Marie and 6-year old Shaun are neighbours. Whilst Shaun goes on hunting trips with his father Filthy, Marie has found a different escape on the hill at whose foot they both live: in an old, abandoned bunker, she buries the bodies of dead forest creatures and hangs up spirit catchers. One night, while Marie is babysitting for Filthy, Shaun suddenly dies in her care. Filthy is distraught, looking for someone to blame, while a crumbling Marie is convinced that Shaun’s spirit is talking to her from inside the bunker. However, it is not only Shaun that haunts Marie, for she must come to terms with her own past if she wants to find peace.

In the Dark Half tackles some extremely heavy subject matter with boldness and intrigue. Grief is a major theme, being explored by the characters in different ways.

Excellent acting and direction makes it very easy for the audience to empathise with the characters, and we yearn as they do for an end to the grief and, just possibly, redemption.
Produced in association with BBC Film, The Film Agency for Wales and the City of Bristol and starring Tony Curran and Jessica Barden, ‘In the Dark Half’ is an utterly absorbing film

Orestes Kouzof

All Tickets for This Screening - £10
Telephone Booking: call 0871 220 6000 and say "Operator' for a human being at the cinema.

Practical Information

Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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