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    Saturday 08 October 14:00
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127 mins

Director: Michel Jette Country: Canada
Writer: Michel Jette Original Format: Digital
Dir. of Photography: Georges Archambault Print Source: Baliverna
Producers: Louise Sabourin and Michel Jette
Cast: Emmanuel Auger, Bad News Brown, Pat Lemaire

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European Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

BumRush is the story of a battle between a group of special doormen and one of the most violent street gangs in Montreal.


BumRush BumRush is Canadian gangster film about turf wars and power struggles in the criminal underworld of Quebec. When the police take out two of the city’s crime king-pins, a power vacuum is created and suddenly all hell breaks loose with a bloody war between the various criminal factions. Security guy and ex-green beret Pappy owns a bar which happens to be a strategic hot spot for the criminals. To save his business and restore peace and order to the streets, he recruits a crack team of his old army buddies, with the intention of coming down hard on the out-of-control gangsters.  

The newly formed team must go up against the fast emerging and incredibly ruthless Haitian IB 11 gang, with the psychotic, harmonica playing ‘Loose-Cannon’. With tension growing between IB 11 and the Italians, Jamaicans and bikers, Pappy and his team have their work cut out for them. The situation eventually escalates to all out war between the security team and the gang, and they are forced to recruit reformed gangster Catherine to infiltrate the ranks of IB 11 in an attempt to take them down from this inside.

With an epic, sprawling story line as well as a host of memorable characters this is a big, ambitious indie action film with tonnes of well choreographed, exciting fight scenes and set pieces as well contrasted with a reflective, philosophical voice-over on the art and meaning of war.  
Sami El-Hadi

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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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