Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis
Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis

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Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis


  • Saturday 01 October 18:30
  • Sunday 02 October 10:00
  • All Tickets £10.00


85 mins

Director: Peter Sasowsky Country: USA
Writer: Peter Sasowsky Original Format: Digital Video
Dir. of Photography: Peter Sasowsky Print Source: Peter Sasowsky
Producer: Peter Sasowsky, Amy Grumbling
Cast: Joe Davis

Film Details

UK Premiere

In Competition: Best Documentary

Short Synopsis:

A portrait of a man who sends vaginal contractions into space to communicate with aliens to save the human race. This is not fiction.


Heaven + Earth + Joe DavisThis documentary follows the idiosyncratic and inspirational Joe Davis. He is a character of contradictions. At a glance he almost seems like a lunatic and, at the beginning of the film indeed, he appears as some kind of crazed vagrant. But as it unfolds and we venture deeper into his world we see that he is an inspired and lucid individual, a science genius and maverick artist, with an incredibly lively and fertile mind, a place where science and art seamlessly merge.

He has ideas and conceives projects - transmitting vaginal contractions into space, tempting the devil with a genetically modified pink apple - which, out of context, seem totally insane, but once you start buying into his left field logic and infectious, artistic passion make perfect sense. An audacious and rebellious outsider, there is a counter-culture quality to his work and his attitude; he is the Hunter S. Thompson of science.

We follow his chaotic existence. Always on the move, almost penniless and constantly being evicted, we get the sense that the world hasn’t caught up with Joe Davis. Maybe if he slowed down for a minute people would, but he isn’t motivated by money or recognition. Like many great artists, Davis isn’t understood in his own time.

Poetic, philosophical and frequently profound, this expertly constructed documentary skilfully captures and encapsulates a truly remarkable individual, who, it seems, may yet have a legacy which not even he himself could anticipate. 

Sami El-Hadi

01 October 2011 I-Flicks 5 Star review for: Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis

All Tickets for This Screening - £10
Telephone Booking: call 0871 220 6000 and say "Operator' for a human being at the cinema.

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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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