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    Saturday 08 October 16:15 Sunday 09 October 10:15
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77 mins

Director: Marie Kristiansen, Patrik Syversen Country: Norway
Writer: Patrik Syversen Original Format: Video HD
Dir. of Photography: Marie Kristiansen Print Source: Marie Kristiansen
Producer: Patrik Syversen, Marie Kristiansen, Fredrik Pryser
Cast: Gitte Witt, Ruta Gedmintas

Film Details

International Premiere

In Competition: Best Debut Feature

Short Synopsis:

The film follows two girls, PEARL and SKYE, both struggling foreign actresses in LA during pilot season. They're both up for the same part.


ExteriorsExteriors is an evocative and experimental drama set in LA following two foreign actresses, Skye and Pearl, on the day of an audition for the same part. Their individual stories show that these struggling actresses have a lot in common: they are without a home of their own and both caught in failing and damaging relationships. In this snapshot account, an insight is given of the day-to-day troubles of these characters and the film shows how much they are willing to endure to achieve their goals. More than that though, this day shows their search for love, acceptance or even just acknowledgment from the cruel world in which they find themselves.
Exteriors uses an unorthodox form of storytelling - straying away from the conventional chronological format. By placing the reactions of characters in time with the causes, directors Marie Kleivdal Kristiansen and Patrik Syversen keep the drama vivid and emotive. Gitte Witt and Ruta Gedmintas’s convincing performances really help to convey the fading strength of these vulnerable characters and their parallel narratives reinforce the destructive nature of their relationships and the emotional suffering they feel compelled to tolerate. A surreal, experimental, but heart touching piece of Norweigian cinema.
Dom Elsey

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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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