Scenes Of A Crime
Scenes of a Crime
Scenes Of A Crime


    Monday 03 October 21:00
  • Tuesday 04 October 12 Noon
  • All Tickets £10.00/£5.00 before 17:00 weekday


88 mins

Director: Blue Hadaegh, Grover Babcock Country: USA
Writer: none Original Format: HDCamx
Dir. of Photography: David Elkins, Brian Mulchy Print Source: New Box Productions LLC
Producer: Blue Hadaegh, Grover Babcock
Cast: Adrian Thomas, Detective Adam Mason, Detective Ronald Fountain

Film Details

International Premiere

Official Selection Documentary

Short Synopsis:

Police video reveals the disturbing possibility that legal interrogation tactics can lead to false confessions. Working from mistaken medical evidence, detectives in Troy, New York interrogate a young father for hours, uing lies, tricks and threats against his wife to turn him toward confession - one which he quickly recants.


This film should make you angry. We've all heard of miscarriages of justice before, due to bad evidence and biased juries, well, add false confessions to that list too.

Scenes of a CrimeOne morning in September 2008, an ambulance was called to the house of Adrian Thomas. 4-month old Matthew was taken to hospital with a severe haematoma in the brain and died a few days later. Adrian was interviewed for nearly two days by police, during which he got an hour and a half's sleep. Eventually, he confessed to throwing his son down on a mattress three times. A doctor at the hospital where Matthew was being treated, suffering from sleep deprivation himself, told detectives that Adrian had killed his son, but later evidence disputes these findings. A battle of experts commences in the trial, clouding the minds of an ignorant jury, and Adrian’s future hangs in the balance

Although Scenes of a Crime cuts no corners in pointing out the glaring problems in the American justice system, it tries not to take any bias within the case itself. At the heart of this film lies a message about the ignorance of human psychology, a message that the justice system has got to change and abandon techniques that were developed over 50 years ago. An inventive, and extremely powerful documentary.
Orestes Kouzof

13 October 2011 Louise Hector Scenes of a Crime

All Tickets for This Screening - £10/£5 Before 17:00
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