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    Saturday 01 October 14:15


120  mins

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Webisodes are the new craze for independent filmmakers. Come and enjoy a 3 - 5 minute episode from our top ten picks currently on the web projected through the state-of-the-art 4K projectors at the Apollo Cinema.

Immediately at the end of the screening, the winner of the Web Series Pilot Competition will be announcedUYu

Aidan 5 Aidan5

- a science fiction live action/animated web series which sprung out from a short made for a 48 Hour Film Challenge competition.  Made with pure guts and ingenuity and with a budget of less than your average short film.

Ben Bays, Vidas Barzbukas, Tim Baldwin, John Jackson, Noell Wolfgram Evans, Joe Wink
Directors John Jackson, Ben Bays
Producers John Jackson, Ben Bays
Cast Bryan Michael Block, Maya Sayre, John Michael
Country of Origin US


- a mockumentary comedy following the adventures of former Buffy The
Vampire Slayer actress Emma Caulfield as she attempts to jump onto a
trendy bangwagon that will get her noticed once more by Hollywood
network TV executives.
Writers: Camilla Rantsen & Karri Bowman
Directors: Karri Bowman & Ahmed Best
Producers: Karri Bowman, Emma Caulfield & Camilla Rantsen
Cast: Emma Caulfield, Tracie Thoms, Karri Bowman
Country of Origin: USA

Blood and Bone ChinaBlood and Bone China

- a Victorian-era set vampire thriller made by pop promo director Chris Stone from Stoke. I can see feature film companies begging Chris to direct their feature films after they have seen this series.

Writers Chris Stone, Stephanie Cooper
Director Chris Stone
Producer Chris Stone
Cast Anthony Miles, Rachel Shenton, John James Woodward
Country of Origin UK

Anyone But Me Anyone But Me

- a great example of niche online programming, a drama series aimed at teen and LGBT audiences, that has build a loyal fanbase and who creators can now knock on doors of brands who will likely invest in future web series endeavours (and they already have).
Writers Susan Miller, Tina Cesa Ward
Director Tina Cesa Ward
Producers Susan Miller, Tina Cesa Ward
Cast Rachael Hip-Flores, Mitchell S. Adams, Jessy Hodges, Nicole Pacent, Joshua Holland, Alexis Slade
Country of Origin USA

Girl Number 9Girl Number 9

- Vincent Boylan (Joe Absolom) has just been arrested, suspected of
being behind the brutal murder of seven girls, but the team only have
a limited time to get a confession. If they can't make him talk, he
could slip through their fingers.
Writers: James Moran
Director James Moran, Dan Turner
Producers: Martin Baker & Pete Coogan
Cast: Joe Absolom, Gareth David Lloyd, Tracy-Ann Oberman
Country of Origin: UK

Mind's EyeMind’s Eye

- an example of web series aimed at the kids audience that originally went out with as short episodes as possible (assuming kids attention spans were very short) and discovered through feedback that longer, more TV style, episodes were actually preferred.

Writer Tom Brown
Director Tom Brown, Thomas Gofton
Producer Thomas Gofton
Cast Nik MacMillan, Andrew Ellis, Lily O’Coin
Country of Origin USA

Fresh HellFresh Hell

- series one is a 5 episode sitcom (the second series shoots in September) and a great example of indie filmmakers collaborating with a recognisable TV name who can promote the series to their 1.3m Twitter followers.

Director Christopher Ellis
Producer Judy Tanke
Cast Brent Spiner, Kate Connor, Brian Palermo
Country of Origin USA

The Best Friend

The Best Friend

- about two real life best friends Millie (Marilyn Anne Michaels) and Sooze (Allie Smith) who tend to be at constant odds with each other, but find a way to remain best friends. Guess which one is the best friend.  Right, the one who has not dated in years, the one who pathetically pours out to her therapist, and the one who's overbearing mother is the voice of reason.  Millie has been living in the shadow of her adorable friend since the fourth grade.

Writers Marilyn Anne Michaels, Allie Smith, Dominic Conti, Krystel Schley
Directors Tarique Qayumi , Wednesday Standley
Producers Marilyn Anne Michaels, Allie Smith, Michael Elias
Cast Marilyn Anne Michaels, Allie Smith
Country of Origin USA

Untitled Feature Project Untitled Fiction Project

Improvisation has traditionally been a craft of the stage. Films can indeed come from devising, but actually improvising in front of a camera is a very different beast due to the complications of shots, sounds, effects and the cost of filming - which can rise exponentially if any of the production team aren't happy with the rushes. UFP is a very brave project indeed, and that bravery has been paid off with an extremely interesting series of episodes that re-examine the nature of filming. True indie filmmaking at it's very best.

Director: Alonso Mayo
Producer: Alonso Mayo & Nina Leidersdorff
Cast: Jeffrey Casciano, Lauren Plaxco, Jade Warner
Country: USA

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