Melissa: Mom and Me
Melissa, Mom and Me

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Melissa: Mom and Me


    Sunday 09 October 16:00
  • All Tickets £10.00


52 mins

Director: Limor Pinhasov Country: Israel
Writer: Limor Pinhasov, Yael Shachar Original Format: DigiBeta
Dir. of Photography: Limor Pinhasov, Yael Sachar Print Source: Dogwoof
Producer: Yaron Kaftari
Cast: Melissa, Yael

Film Details

European Premiere

Official Selection Documentary

Short Synopsis:

Melissa: Mom & Me witnesses the emotional reunion of two strong women and charts the dramatically divergent path their lives have taken.


Melissa Mom and Me This extraordinary documentary depicts the close friendship between two women and along the way raises universal issues about family, trauma and the burden of the past. Budding photographer Yael met Melissa in Tokyo, where they worked together as strippers.  They spent their time chatting, drinking and snorting coke in the back rooms of a sleazy nightclub, all documented by Yael’s home camera. 

Jump forward seven years and Yael has moved on. She’s met a new man and is ready to settle down, however she can’t shake the memory of Melissa, seemingly still obsessed with her as she was all those years ago. She decides to track her down and flies to Carolina. At fist Melissa is somewhat taken aback by Yael’s surprise appearance but soon the women reconnect and we are given insight into Melissa’s tragic past and her hopes for the future.

Made up of frank interviews with Melissa, her family and Yael, there is the feeling that the process of making the film functions as a kind of therapy for all involved. Cutting between the women’s seedy past and present day footage this is a remarkable documentary which gives a stunningly honest and intimate depiction of these women, their relationships and their emotional baggage.

Sami El-Hadi

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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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