State of Emergency
State of Emergency

 State Of Emergency


    Wednesday 05 October 20:45
  • Thursday 06 October 12 Noon
  • All Tickets £10.00/£5.00 before 17:00 weekday


90 mins


Director: Turner Clay Country: USA
Writer: Turner Clay Original Format: RED 4k
Dir. of Photography: Tony Oberstar Print Source: Turner Clay
Producer: Turner Clay, John Will Clay
Cast: Jay Hayden, Tori White, Scott Lilly

Film Details

World Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

A small group of survivors are forced into hiding after a chemical facility explodes in their town and releases life altering toxins into the air. the group must now band together and defend themselves long enough, against those affected, in hopes of being rescued.


State of Emergency ‘State of Emergency’ opens with searing intensity and a hefty emotional punch, setting the tone for a film with an unrelenting and desperate atmosphere which grips like a vice from start to finish. This accomplished and technically astute film depicts a zombie outbreak from the perspective of a small group who seem to be immune to airborne toxins that are turning their neighbours into blood-thirsty monsters.

We follow protagonist Jim as a normal day turns into a waking nightmare.  At first he must fend for himself before being discovered and finding temporary solace with couple Scott and Julie and moody loner Alex. Told through flashback, Jim’s relationship with his fiancée provides the emotional core, given a tragically morbid twist through the unconventional time structure and clever plotting. Ultimately the film’s focus is on the human story behind the horror and the strong bond which forms between Jim and the other survivors while his journey from average guy to hero is compelling to watch, bolstered by a strong central performance.  

Evoking George Romero’s zombie classics, as well as drawing on more contemporary versions of the familiar set-up, the film has a few aces up its sleeve and more than enough fresh twists on the well-trodden genre tropes to set it apart. Boasting excellent cinematography and superb visual effects this indie horror more than fulfils its blockbuster aspirations.   

Sami El-Hadi

14 October 2011 Louise Hector State of Emergency

All Tickets for This Screening - £10/£5 Before 17:00
Telephone Booking: call 0871 220 6000 and say "Operator' for a human being at the cinema.

Practical Information

Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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