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  •  Monday 03 October 16:00
  • All Tickets £5.00


72 mins

Director: Steve Sanguedolce Country: Canada
Writer: Steve Sanguedolce Original Format: 16mm
Dir. of Photography: Steve Sanguedolce Print Source: Steve Sanguedolce
Producer: Steve Sanguedolce
Cast: Anna Myszkowski, Jamie Watson, Randall Smith

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UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

Blinding is a film about the beauty and curse of vision.


Blinding Blinding is a hypnotic, mesmerising journey through vision; both the benefits and the curse of being witness to the world around us. The stories told by Jacqueline, a lesbian ex-cop; Ryan, a writer who has almost totally lost his vision; and Jamie a former Canadian Air-force pilot combine to contrast the beauty and sorrow visible in the world. All of them have faced upheaval in their lives leading them to stuggle with the trauma of what they have witnessed. Ryan observes how he cannot remember his wife’s face, but the sorrow of losing sight is contrasted sharply with the burden it can be, as Jamie recounts the aerial viewpoint he had of the Rwandan genocide. Jacqueline’s stories of the incidents seen on the beat and the prejudices she faced as a lesbian police officer bring home the extremes of good and bad in the everyday sights we are confronted with.

The hand dyed process with which the film has been treated gives the picture a kaleidoscopic look. This visual effect interacts with the narrative in a way which is both obscuring and revealing causing the audience to question their own relationship with sight. Blinding is an innovative documentary artistically combines form and content to create a film which will both challenge and haunt the viewer.

Baibre Holmes

All Tickets for This Screening - £5
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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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