Children of the Green Dragon
Children of the Green Dragon

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Children of the Green Dragon


    Sunday 02 October 16:15
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93 mins

Director: Bence Miklauzic Country: Hungary
Writer: Bence Miklauzic Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Janos Vecsernyes Print Source: Mythberg Films
Producer: Jozsef Berger
Cast: Zoltán Rátóti, Debin Yu, Eszter Bánfalvi

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UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

A struggling real estate agent is selling a warehouse guarded by a Chinese immigrant, Wu. The two men form an unlikely friendship which gets complicated at the arrival of a pizza delivery woman...


Children of the Green Dragon Children of the Green Dragon represents a lot of what is good about Hungarian cinema; a wonderful and touching film, exploring the themes of loneliness and friendship in today’s world. Mate (Zoltan Ratoti) is a lonesome, divorced real estate agent. Wu (Yu Debin) is the sole tenant and guardian of a warehouse full of dodgy Chinese goods, waiting to be taken to market. Both men live in storage, Wu literally, and Mate metaphorically, eating out of tins in a sparse, dirty apartment. Forced to spend time together, the two develop a friendship, and Wu begins to help Mate get his life back on track.

The situation is complicated, however, when Mate is told he must sell the warehouse or lose his job. At the same time, Wu is told not to lose the warehouse or he’ll lose his passport. Regina, an extraordinarily beautiful and eccentric pizza delivery girl, further complicates matters when both men immediately take a shine to her.

Aside from its compelling storyline, ‘Children of the Green Dragon’ boasts excellent casting and acting from all involved. Yu Debin is provides a positively adorable opposite to Zoltan Ratoti’s defeated, depressed and crumbling Mate. Mention must also go to the wonderful cinematography by Janos Vecsernyes, which frame and tell a great story in a beautiful way.

Orestes Kouzof

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