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98 mins

Director: Stevan Filipovic Country: Serbia
Writer: Dimitrije Vojnov, Stevan Filipovic Original Format: Digital
Dir. of Photography: Mihajlo Savic Print Source: Hypnopolis
Producer: Branislav Jevic
Cast: Nikola Rakocevic, Viktor Savic, Bojana Novakovic

Film Details

UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

A coming-of-age story that tackles the subjects of love, loyalty, manipulation and hooliganism, showing the transformation of Belgrade's teen Novica from invisible math geek to an unscrupulous leader of a Nazi group.


SkinningDedicated to the victims of hooligan violence in Serbia, Stevan Filipović’s hard-hitting Skinhead drama, Skinning, analyses the descent of a promising young man into Fascism and violence. Novica, played superbly by Nikola Rakočevic, is a maths whiz who becomes indoctrinated by his thuggish classmate Relja (Viktor Savić). Novica’s involvement in Nazism is realistically portrayed and terrifyingly fast. Filipović demonstrates that intellectual intelligence does not always equate to moral intelligence and once Novica crosses the line his own ambitious nature means that he soon takes control of the gang, The Iron Order.

There’s nothing more bigoted than a born again Nazi, trying to impress his new skinhead friends, but when Novica gets carried away and smashes in the skull of a gypsy things are taken a little too far for Relja’s liking, who admits he only formed the gang because it was a cool image. The film is a superb, if fairly uncomfortable thriller; with Novica, drunk on the adoration of his new peers, refocusing the gang’s scuffles with the Gypsies and rival football club into a full blown revolution, whilst Lidija, a female cop hungry for promotion in a male dominated world, attempts to solve the murder and deal with rampant police corruption.

Given the recent actions of Anders Behring Breivik in Norway and the slow rise of nationalist sentiment across Europe over the last decade, Skinning is a timely film that doesn’t merely demonise the movement but is almost anthropological in studying how it spreads.

Dean Bowman

30 September 2011 Louise Hector Skinning

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DG ENLARG Southeast Europe: People and Culture is a project organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enlargement. It aims at raising awareness and showing another side of the countries of Southeast Europe that are hoping to join the EU in the future.

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