The Cameramurderer
The Camera Murderer

Film Title

The Cameramurderer


  •  Tuesday 04 October 14:00
  • All Tickets £5.00


90 mins

Director: Robert Adrian-Pejo Country: A/CH/H
Writer: Thomas Glavinic, Robert
Adrian-Pejo, Agnes Pluch, Gunter Pscheider
Original Format: 35mm
DoP: Gergely Poharnok Print Source: Austrian Film Commission
Producers: Andreas Hruza, Erich Lackner
Cast: Dorka Gryllus, Merab Ninidze, Andreas Lust, Ursina Lardi

Film Details

UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

An anonymous yet popular snuff video is at the outset of the Easter weekend when Heinrich and Eva follow their old friend Thomas' and his new girlfriend's invitation to visit.


The Camera Murderer Robert Adrian-Pejo directs a toe-curlingly gripping thriller, set in the natural maze of Hungary’s lakes and grasslands. From the word ‘go,’ the audience is implicated in the action: through grainy, low-res footage we see children running away from us, screaming. Later we discover that we witnessed the murder of three children by the camera-operator, an event that has shocked the local village.

Alongside this chilling plotline also runs the story of Sonja, Thomas, Eva and Heindrich, two couples holidaying near the scene of the crime. As the hunt for the missing children reaches its climax, so do the strained relationships and hidden tensions between the characters. Suspicions begin to arise, but are they justified, or merely projections of the characters’ mistrust towards each other? It seems like one of them is a murderer – but which one?

When it is revealed that Heinrich has watched the video, both he, and by implication the audience, become suspects in the case. Meanwhile the platonic nature of Thomas and Eva’s relationship is questioned, adding a romantic twist to this already tense thriller. The genius behind this film however, lies in the setting: endless expanses of tall grass, dotted with lakes and mires create a claustrophobic, hunted feeling, particularly evident in the character of Sonja as she tries to cope with her husband Thomas’ old friends.

Orestes Kouzaf