Just Between Us
Just Between Us

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Just Between us


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  •  Saturday 08 October 18:15
  • All Tickets £10.00


89 mins

Director: Rajko Grlic Country: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia
Writer: Rajko Grlic, Ante Tomic Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Slobodan Trninic Print Source: Espoo Ciné International Film Festival
Producer: Igor A. Nola
Cast: Miki Manojlovic, Bojan Navojec, Natasa Dorcic

Film Details

UK Premiere

In Competition: Best International Feature

Short Synopsis:

A tale of infidelity charting the convoluted love lives of two middle-aged brothers, their wives and their mistresses.


Just Between UsJust Between Us is a paean the human ability to forgive, if not forget, in a world ruled by animal instinct and chaos. Rajko Grlic spins a story of adultery and middle-age crisis in modern day Zagreb, introducing the audience to characters who seem to have no redeeming features – and making us empathise and care for them all the same.

Nikola (Miki Manojlovic) is a rich, successful businessman with the threat of cancer looming over him. Nikola and his poorer, less successful brother Braco (Bojan Navojec) are the sons of a famous painter of nudes and have inherited from their father an obsession for women which only impacts negatively upon their lives. As the web of lies and conceit becomes more and more tangled, the brothers must face the consequences of their philandering.

At the heart of this film lies a philosophical question on the nature of monogamy and the social institution of marriage. Although all the characters are bad spouses in their own way, an enduring love seems to keep them all together, a love that transcends physical intimacy. The characters, and all humans, are shown as animals, whose actions – although carrying heavy emotional consequences – are an inevitable part of their nature, to be understood and forgiven. As Braco’s wife Marta (Ksenija Marinkovic) remarks while walking through a graveyard at the end of the film “these bones cheated on those bones... so what?”

Orestes Kouzof

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