If The Seed Doesn't Die
If The Seed Doesn't Die

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Director: Sinisa Dragin Country: Romania, Serbia, Ausrtria
Writer: Sinisa Dragin Original Format: Super 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Dusan Joksimovic Print Source: Insomnia Sales
Producer: Sinisa Dragin, Veit Heiduschka
Cast: Mustafa Nadarevic, Dan Condurache, Franz Buchrieser

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UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

Two fathers, a Romanian searching for his daughter who was forced into prostitution, and a Serbian seeking the body of his son killed in a car accident, meet on the river Danube.


If The Seed Doesn't Die If The Seed Doesn’t Die presents a complex web of moral dilemmas and despair, elegantly displaying the central theme of fatherly protection throughout. Jorgovan is traveling to claim his dead son Milan’s body in Bucharest, and Nicu goes to Kosovo to rescue his daughter Ina from forced prostitution. Their paths cross on the Danube River, where they also meet Nora a prostitute trying to escape from her protective father. On this crossing, the ferryman Hans recounts the legend of the Ghost Church, which sank in the river hundreds of years earlier, after villagers tried to move the building across the border.
Through visually stimulating cinematography, and an intensely atmospheric soundtrack, If the Seed Doesn’t Die, creates a moving, yet bleak account of these three stories. The presentation of the River Danube as both a lifeline and a barrier cleverly reflects the parental relationships that are so key to this film.
Dragin’s multi-layered approach to storytelling is compelling to watch, as the feeling of hovering ethnic tensions and the presence of war add to the chaos and hopelessness that is experienced by all the characters involved. If the Seed Doesn’t Die plunges the viewer into this dark, corrupt world to great effect, whilst maintaining a perspective of the tender motives driving these two helpless fathers.
Krystyna Kosciuszko

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