Sevdah For Karim
Sevdah For Kamir

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Sevdah For Kamrim


  • Wednesday 04 October 18:15
  • All Tickets £10.00


95 mins

Director: Jasmin Durakovic Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Writer: Jasmin Durakovic, Asmir Kujovic Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Sahin Sisic Print Source: Insomnia Sales
Producer: Angelina Durakovic, Jasmin Durakovic
Cast: Amar Selimovic, Marija Karan, Adnan Haskovic

Film Details

UK Premiere

Official Selection Feature

Short Synopsis:

A tale about a love triangle between Karim, his best friend Juka, and Ivana, a girl from Belgrade.


Sevdah For Kamir Sevdah for Karim is an exploration of one man’s search for morality and stability in post-war Bosnia. Karim (Amar Selimovic) was injured when a landmine tore his family apart. Since then, he’s been de-mining the land around his town, searching for some kind of redemption in a dangerous and frequently unpaid job – all the while considering making the move to Iraq to do the same job for more money. One night, Karim’s war-time buddy, Juka (Adnan Haskovic) is arrested, and while he spends the night in jail Karim – a faithful Muslim who believes in Shariah law - is enticed by Juka’s beautiful, liberated girlfriend, Ivana (Marija Karan).

When Karim is, inevitably, turned down for the Iraq job, and Juka finds out about his relationship with Ivana, Karim’s life begins to dissolve. All his questions about faith, morality, masculinity, democracy seem to go unanswered, or at least, unsatisfactorily so. At last, Karim is forced into action, coming face to face with his moral dilemmas in a shocking and tense conclusion.

Sevdah for Karim is a moody and atmospheric film, focussing on the post-war lost generation of Bosnian youth. Director Durakovic draws great performances out of a talented cast, and his script, co-written with Asmir Kujovic, is certainly unafraid of touching on a variety of hot-button topics.

Abi Smith

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DG ENLARG Southeast Europe: People and Culture is a project organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enlargement. It aims at raising awareness and showing another side of the countries of Southeast Europe that are hoping to join the EU in the future.


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