Werewolves Across America
Werewolves Across America

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Werewolves Across America


    Saturday 01 October 13:40
  • All Tickets £10.00


85 mins

Director: Edward Lovelace, James Hall Country: UK
Writer: Edward Lovelace, James Hall Original Format: RED, Supr8
Dir. of Photography: Edward Lovelace, James Hall Print Source: Pulse Films
Producer: Thomas Benski
Cast: Viking Moses, Drew Danbuns, Robby Owen Hale

Film Details

UK Premiere

Official Selection Documentary

Short Synopsis:

A portrait of modern youth culture. Through the musical scene of a DIY, the film explores what it is like to live on the fringes of America.


Meet a nomadic folk singer, a young Lutheran priest, a Manhattan real estate agent and an ex drug addict from Florida. All have chosen to reject the American Dream in search for something else. But what are they searching for, and at what cost?

Werewolves Across America is an experimental portrait of a modern youth culture. The film follows the path of the folk icon Viking Moses who introduces us to a diverse and unnoticed music scene. This DIY music culture grows apart from the processes of industrialisation and modernisation, trying to rediscover the hand-made artisanal styles of the past.

Almost as gently as the music of the DIY movement, this film touches on the lives of people that have chosen to withdraw themselves from modern society. The daily struggle between the pursuit of stability and the passion for a rare kind of music links all characters. This is most clearly seen in the life of Viking Moses, who, despite having achieved a certain reputation, still struggles to earn a living from his music.

Featuring performances from Deer Tick, The Shivers and Phosphorescent, and using unusual cinematic tools, Werewolves Across America tries to illustrate what it is like to live on the edge of the modern American society.

Marvin Shepherd

All Tickets for This Screening - £10
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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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